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Little Mr Mahatma
Tuesday, November 04, 2008  
A Change for a Change
I'll be dipped. America didn't vote again for a rich white guy. Better, the Republicans didn't pull any tricks like they've managed the past 2 elections. Obama won. McCain lost and graciously. I think they and America realized just what a calamity this country is in and voted for a change, a real change. Obama can't do worse than Bush. If anything, his victory signals a couple of changes:

  • He's not a rich WHITE guy. There I've said it. He's of mixed parentage and bless it he brought us together to overlook race.
  • He's smart enough not to pick a VP canidate like Sarah Palin. Sure, Biden is an old school rich white guy but he's not a Right-wing nut job like Palin. Watching her debate with Biden, she came across as condescending, inexperienced, and of the same cloth as Bush - running things by guts instead of brains and we saw where that got us
  • He's young enough to likely survive the 4 years term. This might not have held true for McCain.

    Sure, Obama may also be inexperienced but he'll get that damn fast. His diplomatic and oratical abilities are sharper than McCain's and that's also to his benefit. Last, he's not entering the Oval Office unsupported. He'll have his cabinet. He'll have a gazillion Americans online posting their views and recommendations. He won't be in a information vacuum.

    He won't be Bush and already things are looking up.


    9:38 PM

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