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Little Mr Mahatma
Saturday, September 06, 2008  
More of Same - That's Real Change
With the Bush Catastrophe nearing an end, we get to choose the next catastrophe. Third parties are out. Not a chance for real change.

So we have Obama and Biden. Obama - Another slick Democrat who, if he wins, will likely end up flying down in flames at the hands of the Republicans who have little better to do than smear their crap over everyone else. Biden - yet another white politician. Woo-hoo.

Or McCain and Palin. At first, I was excited that McCain chose Palin until I found out it was Sarah and not Michael. It would have been awesome to have a Monty Python member as Veep. That's real change. As it is, I doubt McCain would last out a full term and Palin is too scary. Either of the two and we'll in wars up to our noses.

Oh wait, we already are thanks to Dubya, who, by the way, wants to get us involved in yet another skirmish. This time in Georgia. If McCain comes in add Iran to Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, and whereever else we shouldn't be.

McCain or Obama. Both have professed their belief in Jesus as if now that's a prerequisite for becoming President. Now the Left is leaning Right and the Right much further. How much longer before jackboots become mandatory footwear?

I feel somewhat vindicated about Bush though. Much of everything I posted years ago about him and the phony reasons for invading Iraq have proven true. Bush and his cronies have milked this mess for billions. In fact, if you can remember far back to his first term the big issue was Social Security and how it would run out Real Soon unless something was done. That issue disappeared with the 9/11 and the Invasion.

But consider...Social Security with the, what?, 1/2 TRILLION dollars wasted in Iraq. Think that would solve the problem?

I veer.

Obama or McCain. Neither impresses. Michael Palin would be a better choice.

12:57 AM

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