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Little Mr Mahatma
Saturday, March 01, 2008  
Politics And OTher Detritus
Clinton, Obama, and McCain. Proof positive that the U.S. will remain in the crapper for a long time coming. I say this because whichever Democrat gets elected as a rebound from the Bushit Administration, will face four years of attacks from the Republicans, resulting in - 8 years from now - someone from the Right who will make Dubya look good.

Plus, I don't like Clinton, Obama, or McCain.

Hillary is too much the politician. She'll do the politically correct choice for her own power. She'll say the politically correct thing to say, look the politically correct look, and be politically effectual, that is, nothing good for us. She really lost me a couple of years ago when some jackass sponsored yet another jackass bill railing against violence in video games and there she was for the photo op. She was asked for her opinion on the matter and all she could do was smile and say something shallow and meaningless. She gave no valid argument for the bill; she said nothing. She was there for the op. No thank you HIllary.

Obama looks good and sounds good but he loses me because of one reason: religion. Not because of his religion but because he doesn't have the balls to leave religion out of politics. Folks, contrary to misguided belief, America was not founded to be a Christian nation. It was founded to be a free nation. Our Government needs to be free from Poliitics because the second you mix Poltics and Religion, you get a conflict of interest between serving a God/Gods and serving the people. For our country you also get a nice backlash from non-Christian nations.

But back to Obama. I'm just not sure of his substance, his savviness and his ability to hold up in the corrupt halls of our Government. Bye-bye Obama.

McCain is too old and too much a war freak. Don't get me started (again) on why Iraq was a massive mistake but the fact that McCain supports it, loses him my vote and interest.

Honestly, the only candidate who seemed to have answers and plans of action instead of words and clever saying was Edwards, but his family problems and lack of Blackness/Femality did him in. He wasn't a convenient label for the Media to use.

On the other hand, BUSH WILL FINALLY BE GONE!!! Farewell to the Bottom Decile!!!

11:18 PM

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