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Little Mr Mahatma
Saturday, August 11, 2007  
Follow-up to Frys
For the past week my 8 year old rarely mentioned the Frys fiasco, instead focusing on the chase. Which stores can we look at? Where can we look online? Last night he trolled the entire Northridge mall in search of an MP3 player but to avail.

And this morning it happened, proving that good things do (occassionally) come to those with patience and a positive spirit. During the kids piano lessons my wife ducked out to a nearby drug store. She came tearing back with a bag.

"$3," she said. "It's only 512 mb but it's also a voice recorder and a flash drive." She pulled out from the bag a no-name MP3 player. The sticker said $20. The discount sticker said $5.

"The cashier said it was on sale," my wife explained.

At that price we went back and grabbed four more. The cashier commented that all of them had different prices (they didn't) so was it okay for her to charge us $1.50 each?


And my 8 year old is thrilled with his new player. It's not a 1 gb like his brothers but it wasn't $30 either. In fact, his brother also bought one of the cheapies.

Peace again reigns in the Mahatma family.

1:32 PM

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