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Little Mr Mahatma
Tuesday, December 28, 2004  
Tuesday Frothings
Usually this time of year I'm one of the poor saps who doesn't take a vacation while the rest of the company takes a cushy two weeks off. On the other hand, I have an easy time finding parking and there's no supervisor being a pain in the butt. It's the time to catch up on bureaucratic bullshit.

Last week was nice and I looked forward to this week being real dead. And it is, except for the freaking monsoon outside. We Southern Californians aren't used to drivinin inclement weather. Hell, to us, anything less than 70 degrees and clouds or clear skies is cause for concern. But this rain in unbelievable! I didn't drive to work as so much perform a thirty mile controlled hydroplane. Not fun at all. At least the smog is gone.

But that hasn't cheesed me off. What is pissing me off this week is two things.

First, the tragedy in Indonesia is beyond expression. Yet in todays paper there's interviews with survivors and one of them said that they survived because an angel must have been looking out for them. What the holy crap?!? Does this mean that the Devil or God killed 44,000 people becuase somehow they weren't as worthy as YOU?!? YOU GOT LUCKY DUMBSHIT!!! Plain and simple random luck. It happens. Earthquake: Our house stands while the neighbor's all collapse. Luck that we got that house. Flash flood - luck that you were where you were when it hit. Angels my ass... By the way, if you want to help out consider a donation to the Red Cross. This is important folks.

The other thing that pissed me off was a commercial for a TV show called 'Medium" - yet another cop show where the troops can't get their job done without the help of a paranormal ubersleuth. I hate that it gives creedence that such help exists effectively. From what I've read, mediums and psychics always offer their help to police and are consistently wrong. But then they get to crow about helping the police. Please let the Police do their job. If you really had psychic powers go to Incredible Randi, claim the million dollars, and donate that to the Police. The money would help the Police better than your mindless twaddle.

Lakers Feel Heat
Kobe scores a million. Shaq's team wins the game. Said it before, the wrong guy got traded. Shaq may be slow and fat but he's big and irreplaceable. Kobe is replaceable. Given the choice, wouldn't you'd rather have had Shaq, Karl, and Phil instead of Kobe?

10:09 AM

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