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Little Mr Mahatma
Monday, December 06, 2004  
Retooling the Democrats
With the Bush victory, many Democrats and their supporters are posting solutions to fix the Party - how to get the Party in line for a 2008 victory. My two cents is that it doesn't matter any more.

For decades the Democrats and Republicans have played the system - fixed the rules - to make our choices essentially boil down to one or the other party. Yes, there are other parties - Greens, Libertarians, Peace and Freedom, and so on - but the cost, Media, and bureaucracy heavily favors the Big Two. Our mind set is one or the other. And both parties were likely sharing a chuckle as they imposed further rules to discourage an attack by a third party.

The Democrats saw themselves as equal to the Republicans and are now more the foolish. With the Republicans virtually in control of our Government they're changing the rules to favor themselves. Check out the DeLay business for an example. Expect to see more of this in Bush's second term. The Republicans will not give up control easily. If, come 2008, the Democrats win the Presidency expect there to be in place a rule that says the new President can't take Office until the results are verified and valid. Then look for a massive nationwide handcount, fraud law suits, and other manipulations. Or a terrorist attack just in time.

So, instead of retooling the Democrats, the effort ought to be retooling the entire political system to give opportunity for other parties, to give more voices to the common and uncommon people. We need to strengthen our Election processes and remove loopholes and remove opportunities for fraud. We need to see other colors than just Blue and Red.

Let's face it. You hear the word Republican and you don't picture a happy healthy America. I don't. I picture war, Nixon, crosses, and money streaming upwards. What do you see?

1:26 PM

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