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Little Mr Mahatma
Monday, December 20, 2004  
Don't Play Rummy With Shit Cards

Bush Comes to Rumsfeld's Defense

WASHINGTON - President Bush defended embattled Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Monday, saying the Pentagon chief was doing "a really fine job."

Bush answered indirectly when asked at a news conference about his view of Rumsfeld's use of a mechanical device to sign letters of condolence to military families. That practice drew criticism from lawmakers of both parties, and Rumsfeld has since dropped it.

The president did not directly offer his opinion of Rumsfeld's practice, but said, "I have heard the anguish in his voice and seen his eyes when we talk about the danger in Iraq (news - web sites) and the fact that youngsters are over there in harm's way. And he's a good, decent man. He's a caring fellow."

Yes, I'm sure Rummy is a fine, upstanding, caring, decent person. He's just freakin' incompetent at his job. But, for Bush, it doesn't matter - he has nothing to lose during this his second term, so Rummy stays in place and the War in Iraq continues unabated. Isn't that just wonderful?

We live in a circus world. How else to explain the freakshow that is Michael Jackson's life. As his lawyers seek more delays for his child molestation case, Mikey throw a party at Neverland for young kids whose parents should know better. Hmmmm, would those same parents let those kids sleep over at Neverland now? Would they let their kids thumb through magazines with "Jacko"? Can they figure out that "Jacko" is missing "ff" at the end? MJ is not real but I'm beginning to believe most super-celebrities just aren't of this planet. Where's the MIB when you need them.

11:29 AM

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