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Little Mr Mahatma
Thursday, March 18, 2004  
Simple Questions

Does Bush carry change in his pocket? Has he plunged a stopped-up toilet? Does he know how to pump gas, log in to a computer, use an ATM? Just curious...

Paper Tigers

Once again Little Miss Attila has it all wrong. She views al Qaeda as growing weaker as we track them down. She views al Qaeda as fearful of the U.S. and Britain, that we're powers not to be trifled with, not paper tigers. I would agree with her if not for one problem: By stopping the pursuit of bin Laden in favor of an unnecessary invasion of Iraq showed that stopping terrorism is NOT a priority for the U.S. And from that what do we have - terrorist acts occurring near daily, al Qaeda growing stronger, allies of the U.S. - such as Spain - questioning our motives in Iraq, it's obvious that Bush put personal ambitions above National concerns.

Even if bin Laden is caught and put on display (with or without Hussein), he will likely appear as a grand martyr against the U.S. tyranny, enticing even more volunteers for al Qaeda. The display will come off as nothing more than a pre-election ploy, more macho preening by a power-mad "President". Bush was warned early on that invading Iraq was a bad idea, that likely it would increase terrorism and bring more followers to terrorist groups and that's what's happened. Only recently has the military sought to close the Iraq borders to keep more anti-U.S. fighters from entering. Why wasn't that done immediately after victory?

What Bush should've done is not be so impatient with his private agenda. After the fall of Afghanistan he should have continued the pursuit of bin Laden, even into Pakistan if need be. The U.S. should have then said "Afghanistan harbored terrorists and is no longer. Pakistan is harboring terrorists. We're going after the fugitives. Pakistan has the option of helping us or facing the same fate as Afghanistan." What would Pakistan do? They'd have a cheesed off U.S. on one flank and India on another. Pakistan would have weighed harboring bin Laden versus a complete overthrow and given in. That's a message! The U.S. will track down known terrorists immediately and exhaustively, and you can join us or get the hell out of the way. That's a message! Using the soldiers currently in Iraq, with the budget now wasted in Iraq, with all alies firmly in tow, bin Laden likely would have been caught by now. That's a message!

Once bin Laden was brought to Justice one way or another, Bush could have ridden that wave into Iraq, assuming that the weapons inspectors found any thing.

But Bush had his agenda and a deadline. He couldn't chance the weapons inspectors reporting that Hussein was clean and clear. He had to get Iraq early on for whatever his own reasons were - oil, revenge, control...

And now America is hated, Europe is coallescing into an independent world power, terrorism is on the rise as is the U.S. body count in Iraq. We live in fear not just from terrorists but from our own Government. Is this the New World Order?

Evangelists in Iraq

Front page Los Angeles Times had an article about how evangelists are flocking to Iraq. Who said the Crusades are dead? A year ago I commented that Bush wanting to invade Iraq had many facets (oil) one of which was the religious aspect. That Bush probably views himself as the white knight crusader off to fight the evil heathen. Even Bush used that word "Crusade" in a speech to describe our mission. St. George and the Dragon II.

Yep, we can beat them militarily, economically, and religiously. Next for Iraq - McDonalds and Disney. Resistance is futile! They will become a white bread nation of peons, watching Survivor and Oprah, drinking beer and eating hot dogs. It has been ordained!

Dark Side of the Moon

They fuckin' bleeped Pink Floyd!! Floyd's "Money" always has snuck "bullshit" on to the airwaves - artistic license, freedom of speech, whatever but today on the local radio they bleeped it.

That's one way to sell CDs - "Hear the unexpurgated version of your favorite songs...".

On TV when they overdub naughty words...people who can read lips get to "hear" what we don't. Kind of ironic. Deaf people hearing the truth.

The Dark Side has taken over. Censorship is here. Today, bad words. Tomorrow, bad themes. Your thoughts must be pure - no sex, no drugs, no complaints against the Government!

At least the Internet is safe, right?

8:57 AM

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004  

With Bush Who Needs Government?

Front page Los Angeles Times: 'WASHINGTON - Political appointees in the Environmental Protection Agency bypassed agency professional staff and a federal advisory panel last year to craft a rule on mercury emissions preferred by the industry and the White House, several longtime EPA officials say.

The EPA staffers say they were told not to undertake the normal scientific and economic studies called for under a standing executive order. At the same time, the proposal to regulate mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants was written using key language provided by utility lobbyists.

The Bush administration has said that the proposed rule would cut mercury emissions by 70% in the next 15 years, and is tied to the president's "Clear Skies" initiative. Critics say it would delay reductions in mercury levels for decades at a risk to public health, while saving the power and coal industries billions of dollars.

Studies designed to address such questions are the ones that were not conducted.

EPA veterans say they cannot recall another instance when the agency's technical experts were cut out of developing a major regulatory proposal.

The administration chose a process "that would support the conclusion they wanted to reach," said John A. Paul, a Republican environmental regulator from Ohio who co-chaired the EPA-appointed advisory panel.

He said its 21 months of work on mercury was ignored.

"There is a politicization of the work of the agency that I have not seen before," said Bruce C. Buckheit, who served in major federal environmental posts for two decades. He retired in December as director of the EPA's Air Enforcement Division, partly because he felt enforcement was stymied. "A political agenda is driving the agency's output, rather than analysis and science," he said.

Russell E. Train, a Republican who headed the EPA during the Nixon and Ford administrations, said: "I think it is outrageous. The agency has strayed from its mission in the past three years."'

How much crap will America take by this Administration? This is a Bush completely out of touch with Americans and reality. This is a Bush playing with his buddies and no one else is invited, much less profiting. This is not Patriotism. This is not America. This is a flat-out takeover of the Government by our own version of terrorists. We are not only living in fear of foreign extremists but we have to worry about our own Government abusing its power - or bypassing its responsibilities - against us.

The Puckered Right appears to have 3 ways of doing thinigs:

1. Do whatever the hell you want, justified however sounds nice. Consequences are the other person's problem. That's what Bush does here.

2. Suggest something extreme like a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage. If it's gets knocked down suggest something slightly less reprehensible but more likely to pass, like all the States passing Amendments. Parents see this a lot with kids. Your kid knows you won't give them $20 so they ask for $100. Then they ask for $20 which doesn't sound so bad after all. The idea is that the extreme request prepares the sucker for acceptance of the not-so-extreme request, although the latter request may generally be viewed as extreme as well.

3. Suggest a small harmless change - like raising fines for aired obscenities. Seems like a good idea and only violates the 1st Amendment a teensy bit. Next, expand that change a bit more, then a bit more, until you have a full-fledged censorship program in place. The old foot-in-the-door technique - Sales 101.

I'm almost at the point where I'd recommend Kerry just to make sure Bush doesn't get back in power. Almost. Still don't trust Kerry.

LMM Aniversary - Part Deux

Little Miss Attila also remembered our anniversary - sniff! - a whole year. My wife suspects I'm a closet blogger with LMA (an S.O. from many lifetimes ago). Not that my ex- and I blog together, no, no, never. Just the occassional crosspost and even then following proper HTML formatting. And despite the rumors we've never blog-swapped.

Just don't ask about same-sex blogging...

As is typical for Attila she makes a dig at how because of our invasion of Iraq Libya came forth to declare their nuclear program. "Oh, Mr. Mahatma--I've learned so much in the past year. Like how capturing one despot tends to adjust the attitudes of others with nuclear designs . . . [cough, cough]."

She conveniently ignores that Iran is beefing up their nuclear program and blatantly ignoring U.N. directives just like Iraq before the war. Sure doesn't look like Iran learned a lesson from Iraq. Whaddya say Attila, should we go into Iran guns a-blazing as well? They have oil...I evil government in need of overthrow.

And have you sent your definitive WMD evidence to Bush yet? I bet Georgy would give you a nice reward for that, perhaps your own oil well near Baghdad. He's quite generous to his friends, though you may have to get a Skull and Bones tattoo in a sensitive area...

12:01 PM

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Monday, March 15, 2004  

LMM Aniversary

One year ago Little Miss Attila started her blog and it was annoying. It ranted and postured and generally stank of the mental blindness that marks the Puckered Right. She supported Bush's Conquest of Iraq - rah! rah! - without question and even claimed to have definitive proof(!) that Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction. This blog, Little Mr Mahatma, was a direct reaction to her blog and in the year since, I've ranted and postured and tried to stink generally from the Waffling Middle although I tend to vary towards the Putred Left.

I suggested she send her definitive proof of WMDs to Bush a long time ago because it looked like a sham excuse to go into Iraq guns a-blazing. Her proof was the same kind of crap that Bush produced. Only now has she questioned whether she was shammed. Baby, shammed, scammed, and rammed up the rear without benefit of lubricant!

A year ago I suggested that when we look for bin Laden it'll likely coincide with Bush's election campaign and - lookie! - one year later Bush has launched a concerted effort to find bin Laden as campaign 2004 looms so close. And what has happened to Hussein? He's disappeared, awaiting his moment in the spotlight. Imagine: The U.S. captures bin Laden and then we drag out both evil, bad guys for public ridicule and damn good photo ops. Picture Bush standing over bin Laden and Hussein, arms raised high, looking victorious in his crisp military uniform. Hail the Conqueror Bush!

And has Bush made the world safer? Doubtful. Iran is loudly going ahead with their nuclear program. You'd think Iraq would have deterred them but instead the reverse has happened. Iran has seen from Iraq that we're militarily stretched (something that Bush swore in his 2000 election campaign, he'd never let happen), economically shaky, and politically sick of war. The Middle East is no more secure now than it was a year ago. Democracy hasn't and likely won't take root in Iraq any time soon. Gas and oil prices are skyrocketing and we have no reserves due to the War.

Meanwhile the Puckered Right focus on that most dire threat to the American Way of Life: Same-sex marriages. I've yet to hear convincing arguments why such marriages shouldn't be allowed. The first argument is usually about procreation, as if all marriage disappeared tomorrow, people would stop having kids. This argument overlooks those who marry and choose to not have kids. As I said before procreation should not be the reason for marriage. You get married out of commitment for the other person.

Another reason I hear is that any children raised in same-sex marriages will likely have gender issues when it comes to sex. Their role models won't be the normal heterosexual twosome. OK, can someone explain to me then whether VP Cheney, his wife, or both are gay, since they have a lesbian daughter? By the logic if a child is gay then that's implying at least one parent is gay, right? Yeah, stupid logic - so that argument doesn't hold much water.

Another argument: Same-sex couples would have to adopt or have kids via artificial insemination (for the women) or surrogate mothers (for the men) and that's un-natural, although their valid options for couples unable to have children naturally. Ask Miss Attila about the adoption process. They don't hand out children to anyone. It's not a drive-through service. They check damn near everything - environment, mental health, financial means, background checks, etc. If Same-sex couples can meet the stringent requirements for adoption, then bless them. Give an orphan a good home.

Or, another way of looking at it: Today in the news - two NY ministers were charged for marrying gays. So marry gays - go to jail. Molest young kids, get a new parish. Gotta love that old time religion.

MEANWHILE the House passed stiffer fines for on-air indecency violations, a subtle step towards censorship. The Supreme Court (*cough* Scalia, Ginsburg) reveals itself as having problems with impartiality. And Spain, once an ally of the U.S., has had enough of us and may start thinking on their own. It's become a different and scary world out there. The rest of the world has had enough of the ugly American thanks to bully Bush. 9/11 - the world was with us. Now we stand alone. Worse, we stand watching helpless as this group - certainly not Americans, not Patriotic Americans - runs roughshod through Our Government, ransacking our treasury and our future for the pockets of their friends.

And will Kerry be any better? Doubtful. With his Skull and Bones affiliation who knows where his true loyalties will lead if he takes power. Politicians, as exemplified by Bush, will say anything to get elected. Campaign promises mean absolutely nothing because there's always another agenda beyond that which is publicly stated.

Not one of my better postings but sometimes there's so much crap you want to vent about that it all comes out without much sense or style. I could hire a proofreader (I think Miss Attila is looking for a job) but then it's not me. Mistakes and all this is my crap and it's been burbling forth for one year. Happy Anniversary from LMM! If you wish to read some of the older posts visit the main LMM blog.

2:21 PM

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